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At COYO, we are constantly innovating to help schools engage with built environment education, creating meaningful employer engagements that benefit young people, teachers and schools around the world. 

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Innovations in Built Environment Education

Class Of Your Own is a social enterprise with over 100 years combined experience working with education and industry to educate the future of construction. The DEC Learning Programme is used by around 6,000 young people every year. 

We can't do this without our wonderful volunteer, Adopters and Sponsors from all across the sector! 

Your support as volunteers is essential to ensure we are able to reach as many schools as possible, and spread the word of #NetZero and architecture, engineering, and construction careers. 

Adopt A School 

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Class Of Your Own's Adopt A School scheme has been developed to utilise the collective influence of industry and academia to provide a unique opportunity to work together and achieve maximum impact for minimum investment.

Primary, secondary and tertiary education

Class Of Your Own supports students throughout their school life, and is currently used from primary school through to first year degree students.

The DEC learning programme has been adapted to suit a range of environments and teaching styles, enabling over 5,000 students and young people to access built environment education every year.

Sponsor A School

The simplest way to get started working with schools and the DEC learning programme is via Sponsorship

Class Of Your Own has created a suite of materials that will support you on your journey to delivering meaningful engagements with schools and young people.  

Work Experience and Industry Placements

Class Of Your Own supports a wide range of employers to deliver work experience and industry placements.

From a few hours to full T-level placement programmes, COYO can support you to deliver excellent work experience opportunities that help inspire the next generation of built environment professionals.
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What our students say!

"Having that basic learning through high-school and at college helped me gain confidence on-site."
Construction Manager
"Studying DEC gave me the clarity that I needed, and a goal to work towards."
Quantity Surveyor
“DEC gave me the opportunity to get a step ahead in the work I needed for University.”
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