University of East London

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delivering better futures for construction and engineering undergraduates

Designing the Student Accommodation of the Future

COYO is thrilled to be working with UEL as part of its Mental Wealth initiative.

The project aims to put 'soft skills' at the heart of undergraduate degrees in construction management, civil engineering and mechanical engineering. 

The team at UEL have adapted our Design Student Accommodation Award to make it specific to the UEL campus, and students from different degree subjects are brought together to design their own modular student accommodation. 

We are supporting the project with employer engagements and project assessments, helping to ensure the students are developing the skills employers demand.

DEC Teachers can undertake our Design Student Accommodation Teacher Training at the link below.  
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UEL undergrads are working in cross-discipline teams to deliver a project in response to a brief - just like they would in the real world! Can you design your own modular student accommodation?