Aspiring design, engineering and construction professionals need to think carefully about their building site. That’s why we’ve created ‘reconstructED’, a tool that allows you to bring the site to the classroom and visit it virtually, using your VR headset or your desktop PC!  

Whether they’re designing a climate science education centre in Glasgow, engineering a bridge across the River Ganges or constructing a school in rural Uganda, one of the most important factors ‘built environment’ professionals must consider is: “Where is my site and what does it look like?”  

It’s the job of GEOSPATIAL SURVEYORS (often referred to as ‘land surveyors’) to gather all this information. They are often the first people on site and work closely with other built environment professionals throughout the project timeline.  

As you venture through the DEC Learning Programme, you’ll also need to understand the why, what, how and where of a particular site – but this can be difficult. Building sites can be dangerous places, they may not be nearby or be easily accessible.  
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You’ll be able to do many of the things Geospatial Surveyors do – from measuring the site to locating obstacles such as rivers, roads, buildings and trees.  

You’ll understand the orientation of the site (where North, South, East and West is), what features lie in each direction and learn how the sun might affect your building design.  

Check your specs! ReconstructED works on PC only and may not work on older computers, particularly where VR is being used. Download the factsheet and follow Step 1 before downloading and installing ReconstructED. 

ReconstructED video

Having trouble accessing? This video will provide you and your students with an overview of ReconstructED. 
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We hope you enjoy using it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it!