How to Adopt A School

Inspire the next generation of architecture, engineering and construction professionals! 
  • Class Of Your Own
  • AEC Professionals
  • 1 hour
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Discover how YOU can gift the global education programme Design Engineer Construct! to schools across the world and the impact you can create!

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  • You are an AEC Professional and want to know more
  • You work in social value and want to discover how to exceed your community benefit/ESG commitments
  • You are working as a volunteer for a Class Of Your Own project 


  • How to Adopt A School
  • How to work with DEC Centres
  • Costs and Adoption process
  • Discover more about the DEC Learning Programme

Real Social Impact

Class Of Your Own will help you discover meaningful ways to work with your school that maximise the opportunity to deliver genuine social value.

Home-Grown Talent

We'll show you how to support the professional development of teachers, resulting in outstanding work-ready students and a home-grown talent pipeline.