SC4. Design a Centre for Our Planet

  • Class Of Your Own
  • Connect
  • 15 hours
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We want you to design The COP - an exciting educational building where young people can explore the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) of climate change.

It's a place for young people to highlight and drive the youth response to the global climate emergency. It will be the most sustainable, energy-efficient building in its region, integrating smart sensor technology to monitor itself and the local environment. 

Multi-functional, it will offer a wide range of activities, enabling children and young people of all ages to develop knowledge and skills as ambassadors and custodians of Planet Earth. 

The COP will provide creative ways for young people to focus on the following themes: Clean Transport, Nature Solutions, Adaptation & Resilience, Energy Transition. 
Working independently or in teams, you will design, engineer and construct a digital or physical model, develop concept designs, and produce floor plans and elevations supporting the delivery of a Centre for Our Planet. 

On successful completion of a project  report, you are eligible for a fantastic, industry-endorsed DEC Connect Award. Combined with the portfolio you produce, this provides evidence of your work for inclusion in a CV that demonstrates your ability to:

  • carry out research
  • work independently
  • work in teams
  • demonstrate STEM, numeracy and literacy skills
  • demonstrate a range of Fusion Skills

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  • 5 Days
  • 1 Presentation
  • 1 Written Report
  • 1 DEC Award
  • PDF and Video content

Become an AEC Professional 

You will learn to think like engineers and architects for a week, designing, engineering and constructing for a sustainable and inclusive future.

What will you design? 

Build Your Portfolio

Working collaboratively in a team, you will learn to create content together that demonstrates what you are capable of, and build confidence presenting.

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