DEC Partners

Balfour Beatty is one of the world's leading infrastructure groups. They are driving transformation of our industry to meet the challenges of the future

Balfour Beatty has been working with Class Of Your Own to inspire the next generation of construction professionals for over ten years - they were one of the first companies to support the DEC learning programme

Balfour Beatty works across the UK, US and Hong Kong, with 26,000 employees worldwide. Their customers include government departments and agencies, regulated utilities and private sector organisations

Balfour Beatty's adopted schools

We are proud to be working with Balfour Beatty to support the following schools across the UK through our Adopt A School programme:
  • Charleston Academy
  • Newman RC College
  • School 21
  • Stratford Upon Avon
  • UTC Warrington

Uniquely, Balfour Beatty has allocated our schools with groups of young graduate professionals, including engineers and HR and finance professionals. These young people are an inspiration for students at the schools we work with, and position the engineering and construction sector as a career of choice for young people. 
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Students at School 21 in east London, measuring out an area of land at the school so they can begin to develop their designs.

Record Your Activity!

Balfour Beatty graduates and apprentices should record all their activity with schools. This is to ensure we are able to map activity to the National TOMs Framework that monitors the social value of our activities. 

Please use the Log to record each visit to a school and related work in bringing these meetings together. 
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